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is a Manufacturers' Rep for the electronic components industry & permanent magnet Distributor

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Manufacturers' Representative

Link Magnetics is a manufacturers' representative firm for the magnetics industry.  We provide superior customer service for MH&W's distribution line of ferrite cores, bobbins and hardware, powder cores and nanocrystalline cores. We offer sales and technical support for the electronic components from the world-class manufactures that we represent in AZ, CA, CO, OR, & WA.  

Products and Manufactures

TDK - ferrite cores

TDK-Epcos - ferrite cores, bobbins, hardware

ACME Ferrites - ferrite cores

TDG - ferrite cores

COSMO Ferrites & Guanda Magnet Co. - ferrite cores

Chang Sung (CSC) Powder Cores -Sendust, MegaFLux, High FLux & MPP

Magnetec - Nanocrystalline cores and wound assemblies

MH&W, Norwe, Pin Shine & Win Shine  bobbins & hardware

Permanent Magnet Distributor

Link Magnetics is a world-wide distributor of all sizes and varieties of permanent magnets. We offer all grades of Neodymium magnets, Samarium Cobalt magnets, Ceramic and Alnico magnets. 


Link Magnetics specializes in Neodymium ring magnets, Alnico bar magnets, Alnico discs, Samarium Cobalt ring magnets, Samarium Cobalt discs as well as custom magnet shapes and assemblies.  We work with customers on their specific magnetic requirements in order to provide them with the solution that best fits their application.  

Contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with a quote on your magnet requirements!    

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